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Tel: 01642 481704 - Mob: 07932 236291 - Email: sales@alpha-tyres.com

The truth about part worn tyres...

Many large tyre companies are publishing spurious articles on the use of part worn tyres. It is worth noting, they only target their competition and not everyone selling a second-hand car - most of which come with used tyres! View our video clips below and judge for yourself if part worn tyres are a safe and cost-effective solution.

At alpha-tyres.com we pride ourselves on selling top quality part worns at rock bottom prices. Below are some of the questions we get asked along with our replies.

Can part worn tyres be sold damaged?

No - not if you buy from reputable and established companies like alpha-tyres.com. The sale and supply of part worn tyres is regulated by the government under The Motor Vehicle Tyres (Safety) Regulations 1994 (reg.7.) part of the Consumer Protection Act. Amongst other things, this act requires that the structural integrity must not be compromised. Unlike some traders, we take this commitment seriously. We want you to come back!

What you need to know

Are alpha-tyres.com part worns better than budget tyres?

When branded tyres like Michelin, Pirelli and Dunlop are tested against budget brand tyres; branded is best - particularly in the wet where it counts!

Brand vs Budget

How do we do it?

At alpha-tyres.com we sell branded tyres with between 4mm - 6mm tread. The tyres come from European countries where the law demands 4mm tread minimum. Our tyres are not from recovered vehicles but from garages who replace them for their MOT’s!

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