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Tel: 01642 481704 - Mob: 07932 236291 - Email: sales@alpha-tyres.com

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Alpha-Tyres Alpha-Tyres

Tel: 01642 481704 - Mob: 07932 236291 - Email: sales@alpha-tyres.com

About Us

At Alpha-tyres.com we pride ourselves on selling top quality part worns at rock bottom prices.

Alpha Tyres has been satisfying customers with extraordinarily high quality part worn tyres since it was established.

We deal primarily with top brands including: Michelin, Pirelli and Bridgestone and provide tyres at your request with 4mm, 5mm or 6mm of tread! We also stock other brands - please call, text or email us for more information. Because turnover is so high, our stock is constantly changing.

Alpha-tyres.com are uniquely positioned in the market place to obtain and deliver, for free, some of the best used tyres around! It’s the nature of our business that our stock is constantly getting updated - so please call for an up to date list of stock.

Remember - at alpha-tyres.com we sell branded tyres with between 4mm - 6mm tread. The tyres come from European countries where the law demands 4mm tread minimum. Our tyres are not from recovered vehicles but from garages who replace them for their MOT’s!